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beth luis nion — LiveJournal

Jan. 30th, 2009

01:22 pm - Greetings

I live in Sacramento and am interested in learning more about your Ogham classes. I am an active member of the Sacramento Grove of the Oak and am an Ovate with the Grove. I will be at PantheaCon. Perhaps I might meet some folks there.

David Shorey

09:59 am - Ogam called on account of P-Con

Due to the press of prep for Pantheacon, we're giving our hostess a break this month and will not hold our S.F. Bay Area Ogam study group until February. Sorry for the short notice.

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Dec. 17th, 2008

06:34 pm - No Ogam class this month

Due to the offical Bay Area class date being only 2 days after Christmas, no Ogam study group will be being held this month. Just too insane to try.

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Nov. 19th, 2008

12:21 pm - The calendar is sneaky.

I just noticed that this Saturday is the fourth Saturday of the month. And that means it's time for another meeting of the SF Bay Ogham Study Group. Yes, we'll be having it this months (barring flood, earthquake, death or international incident). 2 p.m. in Hayward. If you need directions, contact either me or hilarypoet.

One topic of this month's meeting will be whether or not to hold the Decembewr meeting, due to its proximity to Christmas and New Year's Eve.

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Oct. 25th, 2008

03:44 am - Ogam called on account of illness

Due to lysana and myself both being sick with different phases of an upper respiratry illness, there will be no Ogam study group meeting today. I'm sorry for the late notice, but I'm not thinking too clearly right now. We'll try again next month.

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Aug. 22nd, 2008

07:43 pm - Ogam study delayed due to illness

Both lysana and I are feeling under the weather and don't want to expose anyone else to whatever we have. Thus, the August session of the Bay Area Ogam Study Group (yes, I finally came up with a name) is pushed back to Sept. 27 (the fourth Saturday) when we will work on Fe(a)rn and Sail(le)

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Jul. 24th, 2008

05:49 pm - Ogam group reminder

Saturday (yes, two days from now) is the date of the next Ogam group meeting in Hayward when we will (hopefully) finally start looking at the actual feda (starting with be(i)th & lu(i)s). Contact me if you still need direction. Please tell anyone you know that's intetrested and please let me know, as we'd like an idea of who's showing up.

After last month's lack of attendance, we will likely be closing the group down if no one shows up again this time, so please come if you want the group to go on.

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Jul. 20th, 2008

08:10 pm - Translations

Hey folks,
Just curious for all you Gaeilge enthusiasts, how do you go translating Gaeilge into Ogham? Is it at all equivelent or not particularly? Right now my understanding of Ogham as used as an alphabet is pretty shallow.

Jul. 17th, 2008

04:26 pm - Just a reminder...

The SF Bay Area Ogham study group will be meeting the fourth Saturday of each month - that's nine days from now - in Hayward starting about 2 p.m. Contact me if you need more info. Feel free to pass the info along, including the contact info, but please let us know how many people are coming. We're meeting in a smallish apartment.

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Jun. 27th, 2008

12:40 am - Ogham study session on Saturday

Here 0n the SF Bay area, we're on schedule to have our ogham study group meet tomorrow in Hayward. We'll be covering Beth and, if we have time, Luis. Contact me if you need details.

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