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A community for anyone interested in studying and/or discussing all things ogham, including: the script itself, it's origins, the people who used it, it's use in magic/paganism/druidism (modern or ancient), etc.

"The word ogham (pronounced OH-am or OH-yam; the former pronunciation is probably most common, but a native speaker of Irish has claimed that the latter is correct) has been used to refer to:

* An alphabet of twenty-five characters used for stone and wood inscriptions in Celtic Ireland and Britain.
* A group of twenty sacred trees that give names to the letters of the ogham alphabet.
* A calendar of thirteen months named for some of the trees.
* A purported system of hand-signing used by Druids that relates to the alphabet.
* A system of divination in Celtic paganism that may or may not relate to the alphabet."

source: http://www.csupomona.edu/~jcclark/ogham/